Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wyatt Jayce Lunt

Wyatt Was born on August 2 he was 7 lb 14 oz, and 20 in long. I know that it is really pathetic that he is 2 1/2 months before I ever put him on our blog, but the fact is I have been having so much fun being with him, I just havent gotten to it, so I am just going to show you a bunch of pictures of him. At his last appointment he was 14lb 4 oz and 25.5 in. he is growing like a crazy weed. he has huge hands and huge feet. People joke that he is going to be in the NBA or NFL. Personally i would just prefer he grow up to be a great man, no need to be famous. He is the best!!! I am sure we are a bit partial, but we think he is pretty great. Ever night when Iput him to bed Ijust have to tell him thanks for being my baby. Thanks for choosing me to be your mom. I will try my best to be a good one. Well get ready to see the cutest baby ever!!

Ignore my stupid face, i was in shock, but look at the hands on that boy!! Jayce is a very proud daddy. He doesnt really know what do do with poop but run the other way, but he is excited for wyatt to grow up and be his little shadow.

This was our first night home, which I think was the longest of my life, well I guess except for the previous night of labor. Anyhow after that night luckily Wyatt settled into a nice sleep routine, and now he sleeps all night. in fact last night he slept 12.5 hours. geez

Isnt he the cutest!

Wyatt and Maddie on their blessing day.

This is Wyatt and Mr. Giraffe. We love Mr. Giraffe

Wyatts first camping trip.
Wyatt is such a good baby. most the time he is so happy and fun, but every once in a while his dads temper comes out in him. hahahaha it would never be my temper

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What have we been up to??

Well it has been a long long time since I updated our blog, and since I am over 40 weeks pregnant with no sign of an end, here I am updating our blog. This is what we have been doing...

We are having a baby boy! His due date was yesterday, and he is not at all interested in coming out. I have tried everything to get the labor going except castor oil which just sounds like a good way to earn a full time seat on the toilet. so...we wait!!

This is at about 38 weeks. Thankfully I am not too huge or this overdue thing would be much worse (for the record though, it still is driving me crazy.) Everyone teases Jayce that he is carrying a baby too, but honestly he hasnt even gained weight with me. But he sure can make his stomach stick out pretty far.

And this

This is the second thing that has kept us very busy. hahahahaha every time I look at these pictures I just have to laugh. Since we are adding to our family, we decided that our 5th wheel would no longer be big enough, so we set out to find something bigger. We decided to buy a single wide trailor, fix it up, and continue to save for a house. We started looking in the paper and saw an advertisment for a trailor in Ft. Thomas, so we went to investigate. The owner said it had slight water damage. That was a joke. When we saw it, we just had to laugh. it had a 16 ft hole in the side where there used to be a sun room, and with all of the rain, the ceiling and the floor was ruined. We left probably not thinking that we would ever consider it, but Jayce is quite the bargainer, and he figured that if we could get it for really cheap, then we could fix it up and still not spend much. Well thanks to Jayce's bartering skills he learned in mexico he talked the guy down to $1,700.00. hahaha Well most would think we were pretty crazy. Maybe we were, but we figured what the heck and bought it. When we brought it home, Jayce's dad said "what in world did you let him bring home that pile of junk for." It was ugly and nasty, but we were going to make it ours. Well now I will show you some before and after pictures. If you came to visit, it would be nice enough, but you cant fully appreciate it unless you have seen what it looked like before. BUT... before all that I need to give thanks to Jayce for being able to fix just about anything he puts his mind to. And I want to thank our family for all of the help. We had help cleaning it when it was gross and full of weavels, we had help painting, and the biggest help of all was from my wonderful dad and brothers. They took two weekends to come and fix "the hole". We couldnt have done it without all the help and we really appreciate it. We have a great great family. Thanks guys!!!!!!

This is our room. It was full or random doors and things and the toilet was NASTY!! Dont worry I didnt attempt to clean it, we threw it out.

This is the front room where the hole was. We replaced part of the floor, the ceiling, put up a real wall, and got a front door. Thanks boy's!!

This is the Kitchen, it was the worst thing to clean in the whole house. all the other gross things like the toilets and the carpet, be just threw out, but the previous owners had left food in the cupboards and they were full of weavels. I'm not talking "oh I have a few weavels in my flour," I am talking I could have filled a bucket with weavels. YUCK!!! I have to give Breton props for helping me clean that out. The fridge and stove work so we kept them, although as you can see Jayce gave the fridge a lovely paint job.

This is the other bathroom. It had disgusting yellow fixtures in it that thank goodness we replaced